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Hello, my Fellow Book Dragons! Tonight’s Gem is quite different, pick it up and it looks like an old fashioned pop bottle cap, but close your claws and let a bit of warmth come on it and open your palm and it transforms to a beautiful piece of crystal, as though the Fairy Godmother touched it with a wand and enchanted it. This is Gem Maker and Dragon Feeder T.M. Shivener’s “A Trailer Park Fairytale”.

This is a sort of Appalachian contemporary ‘Cinderella”. Jenevieve Morrison doesn’t come from wealth, her parents are not jet setters, upper nor middle class. Her mother is a bartender and her father is professionally unemployed. Her baby sister, Hadlee, aged 12, is in 7th Grade and loves her very much. They live with their father’s mother, Murel Morrison, in Murel’s trailer at Bobby’s Trailer Park. This is not a good life.

Jenna, as…

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Published by tmshivener

T. M. Shivener grew up on the Ohio river where she spent the better part of her younger years wishing she was someone else. During her adolescent years she devoured every young adult book the public library had to offer. She says the opening chapter for her debut book Ginger Devil was sitting in the back of her mind for nearly a decade before she finally wrote it down. She resides on the Ohio river with her family.

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