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Romance Week! Tuesday!

Originally posted on Tales From The Book Dragon:
5 Flames Hello, my Fellow Book Dragons! Tonight’s Gem is quite different, pick it up and it looks like an old fashioned pop bottle cap, but close your claws and let a bit of warmth come on it and open your palm and it transforms to a…


Teenage emails. What was your first email address? Mine was lil_qt_wit_a_booty  And the internet was newish, and I was up in chat rooms talking to boys, who I hope were boys. But honestly, they could have been creepy old men. I’ll never know.  My friends and I did call some boys once who said theyContinue reading “lil_qt_wit_a_booty”

Sneaky Peek

Let me know what you guys think! Here’s a paragraph from the Prologue to A Trailer Park Fairytale by T.M. Shivener. 2015 I received a friend request from him a few days ago. I don’t really use social media that often. I’ve never posted a single picture of Natalie. I want it to be herContinue reading “Sneaky Peek”


Surprise Ginger Devil is on sale today!!! I wasn’t able to do a pre-order for the paperback and a lot of people were looking for it, so I went ahead and released it today!! Links below!  Ginger Devil description – ALL MEN ARE THE DEVIL, or at least that’s what Callie Keating believes.  She is inContinue reading “Surprise”

It was 2016

It was 2016, back before Ginger Devil was a book. I started writing down names for characters for a book idea. I never thought I’d actually write it. In the picture attached are some of the early names. A lot of them didn’t make it into the book at all. (Like the weird attachment IContinue reading “It was 2016”

Hey Y’all

It’s me, the girl who hasn’t the first clue what she’s doing or what she wants to be when she grows up! Here I am!! I wrote a book, I’m guessing you know this, but maybe you don’t… Anyway, it’s publishing soon, so here I am trying to get my crap together and make aContinue reading “Hey Y’all”

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