The idea behind Why It’s Called a Goodbye

One day, June 7th 2020 to be exact, I was driving around and a song came on titled I Hope You’re Happy Now. The lyrics that stood out to me were, “I don’t know why it’s called a goodbye.” I thought that maybe I could write a book about why it IS a GOODbye.  Then IContinue reading “The idea behind Why It’s Called a Goodbye”

The idea Behind Thirty, Flirty, and DUMB

 Where to begin?  The idea for this story came many years ago, when I myself, decided I didn’t want to give away what I felt were going to be the best years of my life.  Fast forward to January 2020. I was getting ready for bed one evening. My brain very rarely ever shuts up,Continue reading “The idea Behind Thirty, Flirty, and DUMB”

Kicked off the Cheerleading Squad

So, one time. A long time ago. When I was in the eighth grade, I was kicked off the cheerleading squad. I know, I know. Me—kicked off the cheerleading squad. You might ask how this happened? Well, we (as in the entire seventh and eighth grade basketball team/cheerleaders, plus coaches) were on our way backContinue reading “Kicked off the Cheerleading Squad”