Kicked off the Cheerleading Squad

So, one time. A long time ago. When I was in the eighth grade, I was kicked off the cheerleading squad. I know, I know. Me—kicked off the cheerleading squad. You might ask how this happened?

Well, we (as in the entire seventh and eighth grade basketball team/cheerleaders, plus coaches) were on our way back from a game. 

And I was holding down the front. You know, right behind the coaches. I had no clue what was going on in the back of the bus. I’m sure I fell asleep with my head up against the cold window on the ride home.

But. But on Monday I was called to the principal’s office. Me. As in me! I had never been in trouble in my life except for talking too much. Ha. I know. We all know I talk A LOT. 

Anyway, my little self was sitting in the big chair in front of the big desk and the principal asked me what had gone on, on the bus ride home from the game. I didn’t know. I truly didn’t know. No one ever included me in anything on the bus. I said I didn’t know, and he let me leave. Only later did I find out what had actually gone on. 

The kids were playing puff puff pass with an inhaler. Which is a no no. Don’t do it. I did not partake in such activity as I was a good kid. I WAS HOLDING DOWN THE FRONT! I also wasn’t invited to the puff puff party…probably because they knew I wouldn’t partake.

Our punishment – all the girls were kicked off the cheerleading squad. But you know who wasn’t kicked off the team? The basketball players, who were just as much to blame as the cheerleaders, but the school couldn’t afford to lose during tournament season, so they got to play. 

Did we win the tournament? Heck, I don’t know, I wasn’t there…

I do not have any pictures from my eighth-grade year. So, I included a picture from my fourth-grade year. Little peewee cheerleader Tanji and our team was the Dynamites. 

I’m writing from an eighth graders point of view in the novel I’m currently writing, and it reminded me of this. 

Oh, and I kind of have like a new novel releasing tomorrow titled A Trailer Park Fairytale. You should check that out. 

Published by tmshivener

T. M. Shivener grew up on the Ohio river where she spent the better part of her younger years wishing she was someone else. During her adolescent years she devoured every young adult book the public library had to offer. She says the opening chapter for her debut book Ginger Devil was sitting in the back of her mind for nearly a decade before she finally wrote it down. She resides on the Ohio river with her family.

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